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KeyHole was very bad for me too.

Mostly, I dont know what was happen and what're they talking about T_T


Hope to download in very soon too.


[this is good] blek, arigatou capsnya ^^

kmana aja jeng? ga nongol2 di lautan.. hehehe


yeah, same with me
I've no idea what it is about T^T

l'll downloat it ASAP..hehe...
koichi niichan, matte ne~ xD


sami2 natas~ ^^
cakep kan uyy Ninonya..hoho..

jarang nongol?
> lagi kena sindrom
> banyak tugas
> ada nyang bikin bad mood



me too! *raise hand* ><
can't watch it properly cuz i always suffering from troubleshooting..
so i give up watching yesterday~
waiting for someone to upload w/ subs -.-

but KH is not that bad if you won't used too much of the net while watching (for example downloading while watching or waiting to load a video while watching)

if you just watch and won't use too much of the net for awhile..
i think you keyhole might work :D

i do it yesterday.. :)
but i used yahoo messenger so i suffer from troubleshooting xD

hope my advice work for you ^_~


thank youuuu camille~ ^_^

but I've closed all the program and just let the KH running...
maybe bcoz connection in my country too bad to stream a video..hux.. >.<

hopefully next time we can 'catch' our niichan ne~ xDD


ah sou~ ^^
hai..maybe it's on the internet connection..

haI~hope we can watch our niichan next time w/o any problems ^_^

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